Dick Cheney's Daughter Slams Christian Bale's Satan Line at Golden Globes

Dick Cheney

Daughter Liz Slams Christian Bale …

Satan Inspired His DV Arrest

1/7/2019 7:08 AM PST

Everyone at the Golden Globes might’ve gotten a laugh from Christian Bale comparing Dick Cheney to Satan — but the ex-Veep’s daughter just took a big shot of her own … invoking his 2008 domestic violence arrest.

Liz Cheney was reacting to Bale’s acceptance speech Sunday night — during which he thanked Satan for his inspiration to play Dick, saying, “Satan probably inspired him to do this, too.”

Liz fired back with a UK article about Christian being arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister.

For the record … British prosecutors declined to file charges against him, citing insufficient evidence. Bale denied the allegations. 

In case you missed it, Bale’s acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Film for his portrayal of Cheney in “Vice” was … interesting, to say the least. He literally thanked the devil for giving him inspiration … and went on to refer to his infamous ‘Terminator’ outburst

As far as his subject goes … there’s clearly no love lost between Bale and the Cheneys. Dick himself has yet to comment on Bale’s remarks, BTW.

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