Ex-Giants Lineman Sues 'Red Tails' Star … YOU STOLE MY TIKI BARBER WATCH!

3/1/2017 7:23 AM PST


0301-kareem-mckenzie-kevin-phillips-getty-tmz-01Did you know … when Tiki Barber retired in 2006, he gifted several of his offensive linemen with special Audemars Piguet watches worth about $25,000 each?!

Did you also know … ex-NY Giants lineman Kareem McKenzie doesn’t have his watch anymore because he claims one of the stars of the movie “Red Tails” straight JACKED his timepiece?!

It’s all part of a lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports in which the now-retired McKenzie says he loaned the watch to Kevin Phillips — who played Leon “Neon” Edwards in the 2012 flick.

Long story short … McKenzie says Kevin asked to borrow the watch for a film he was producing and promised to give it back after the shoot. McKenzie says he also loaned the guy $32,500 for film projects.

Problem is … McKenzie says he never got the watch OR the money back — instead, he claims Kevin concocted a bogus story about the watch being stolen by some thugs.

McKenzie says in reality Kevin sold the watch for $6,000 to a Hong Kong watch dealer and it’s long gone.

McKenzie (a 2-time Super Bowl champ) says he’s heartbroken because the watch has all sorts of sentimental value to him.

He’s suing for his money back, plus the value of the watch plus damages.


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